Monthly Income And Expenses
Net Spendable Income Per Month $ .00         NOTE: After entering each section click on Update for that section to calculate the total for that section
1. Housing  Total: $0.00 5. Debts Total: $0.00 11. Investments Total: $
Mortgage [rent] Credit Card 12. Misc Total: $0.00
Insurance Loans & Notes Toiletry, Cosmetics
Taxes Other Beauty, Barber
Electricity 6.Recreation Total: $0.00 Laundry, Cleaning
Gas Eating Out Allowances, Lunch
Water Baby Sitters Subscriptions
Sanitation Activities/Trips Gifts incl. Christmas
Telephone Vacation Cash
Maintenance Other Inernet
Other 7. Clothing Total $ Other
2. Food  Total $ 8. Savings Total  $  
3. Auto(s) Total: $0.00 9. Medical Expenses Total: $0.00   Total Expenses  $0.00
Payments Doctor/Dentist   Income vs Expenses
Gas and Oil Drugs Net Spendable Income $0.00
Insurance Other Less Total Living Expenses $0.00
License/Taxes 10. School/Child Total: $0.00    Surplus   or  Deficit   $0.00
Maint/Repair Tuition    
4. Insurance Total: $0.00 Materials    
Life Transportation    
Medical Day Care    
Other Other